Free training for PAs

Camden Council are offering a free and extensive package of training for PAs. This is designed so that PAs can become the skilled and competent workers that employers need them to be.

camden_tds_header“Camden’s TDS Online training places a strong emphasis on developing a culture where staff are offered learning opportunities to increase their confidence and skills allowing them to aspire and progress. We promote a well trained workforce that enables staff across Camden to deliver a high quality service, with better outcomes for users of Camden’s services and all Camden residents.

“Personal Assistants who are self-employed, funded via a Direct Payment or directly by the individual receiving care, are members of Camden’s workforce because they provide care to Camden residents. To access Camden’s training you will need to register with  Camden PAs.”

What training is available?

Here is a sample of the training and e-learning modules that you can access for fee:


How do I access it?

To access this, first register as a PA with us. If you have not yet done so, please go ahead and create a profile.

If you are interested in Camden’s free training offer, please contact us first and we will talk you through how it works and how you can access it – either for yourself or for a PA you employ.

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